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The purpose of this survey is twofold. First, it will provide insight into questions to consider in developing a organizational change management plan. It will also provide Loftin Management Consulting, Inc. with general change management statistics. Thank you for your participation.

Change Plan

1. What is/was the "primary" type of change needed in your company, business or organization?

Strategy Technology Reorganization Culture Other

2. Who is responsible for the organizational change plan?

3. How long is/was it projected to take to implement the change?

3 months 6 months 1 year more than a year

4. How would you rate the effectiveness of the change management plan?

Bad Poor Fair Good Excellent

Change Impact - Business

5. Is/Was the business environment analyzed to assess the scope of the implementation?

Yes No

6. Are/Were new processes and procedures identified?

Yes No

7. Is/Was a change needed in the organizational structure of the business?

Yes No

Change Impact - Employees

8. Are/Were your employees aware of the need for the change?

Yes No

9. Do/Did your employees have the desire to participate and support the change?

Yes No

10. Do/Did your employees have the knowledge and ability to implement the change?

Yes No

11. If the change was implemented, what was the "primary" factor that contributed to a difficult implementation?

12. If you would like us to contact you concerning your responses, please provide the following contact information:


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