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Loftin Management Consulting, Inc. specializes in creating strategic business plans for organizations delivering products and services for the Internet, professional services, telecommunications, new media, online services, systems integration industries, and your service delivery organizations. We have coached executives in gaining consensus and higher level approval to implement new information-based solutions. LMC, Inc. has facilitated corporate relationships and business alliances, and recommended plans to re-engineer business processes of companies around client needs. We have performed merger and acquisition analysis for companies in the professional services and publishing industries. LMC, Inc. also provides Change Management and Program Marketing Services.

Strategic Planning Specific Services

Business Plan Development and Assessments
Project Planning
Planning Session Facilitation
Balanced Scorecards
Budget Planning and Support

Key Benefits

    Creating a business analysis tool for measuring ongoing revenues, costs and profit margins
    Predicting the profile, adoption rate and size of the target market(s)
    Documenting the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of a company versus its key competitors
    Determining the most cost-effective approach for positioning your business in the intended market
    Understanding the technology break-through that can be implemented as quickly and cost effectively as possible
    Developing profit & loss and other financial statements that can be used to acquire investment capital and resource commitments
    Investigating a potential partner's products, services and support infrastructure to determine the strengths and weaknesses of a possible alliance
    Analyzing corporate business objectives and developing strategy alternatives that consider changes in customer needs, new technologies and the competitive landscape

Client Referrals

3Com Corporation
American Online, Inc.
Efirms.com, Inc.
U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (DOT-FMCSA)
U.S. Department of Agriculture, Food Nutrition and Consumer Services (USDA-FNCS)
Friends of North Brentwood, Inc.
Hureston Associations, Inc.
M-Cubed Information Systems, Inc.
Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development
National Black MBA Association, Inc.
U.S. Department of Transportation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (DOT-NHTSA)
The Thomson Corporation
The Baldwin Group, Inc.
TONYA, Incorporated
Our Town, Inc.

Business Plan Development & Assessments
We can facilitate the development of organizational plans and assessments for different purposes: internal team knowledge and buy-in, capital acquisition, risk analyses, and moving from vision to reality. We offer a process by which the organization aligns plans with processes, resources, and structure to create the roadmap to a successful enterprise. The processes include budgeting, tradeoff analyses, and business payback models.  The processes we deploy lead to problem identification, inspired solutions, creative decision-making, productive innovation, and transparent communication.
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Project Planning
Developing a business case for a new service, an improved business process, or a new technology implementation can be a challenging task. We help organizations improve the effectiveness of their business operations by developing project plans that are aligned with the mission and strategic objective of the firm. We have developed justifications for new products, services and technologies in existing and new markets.
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Planning Session Facilitation
We facilitate decision-support services as an integral part of an engagement.  We support group leaders with business meetings, discussion groups, and planning sessions. Our facilitators help organizations bring teams together and use their diverse viewpoints to build a constructive and productive advantage.
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Balanced Scorecards (BSC)
We translate an organizationís mission and strategy into a comprehensive set of performance measures that provides the framework for a strategic measurement and management system.  The scorecard measures performance across four balanced perspectives: financial, customers, internal business processes, and learning and growth.  BSCs enable organizations to track financial results while monitoring progress in building capabilities and acquiring the tangible assets needed for future growth.

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